scratchy records showcase at rota, notting hill arts club saturday may 10th 2003
featuring ..
7:15pm the rocksoperating fearlessly at the brilliant/rubbish interface the 
rocks are destined for greatness via the unlikely route of total incompetence.
genius. will arrive by helicopter
6:30pm bromideoperating fearlessly at the telesales interface (uh ?) 
scratchy records managing director will probably imagine heís arlo guthrie. 
solo acoustic beardness
I N T E R M I S S I O N- rain dance followed immediately by mudslides
5:50pm sporkoperating at the.. ok, ok. spork are one part tangerine dream, 
one part slint and one part two of the most annoying and reluctant musicians 
iíve ever met. get me something i can release now or youíre both fired. i love 
5:15pm dear cobraaka bryan cope. makes spork look motivated. sounds like kim
deal playing in the bad seeds. hates hippies. will have a busy day
5:00pm spinmaster plantpotpaul goldstein is omnipresent and has inter-ed at
every face in existence. will be distributing the bad acid and reciting 
poetry. maybe the mudslides are open.
+ djís 
doors open 4pm admission free