scratchy records presents..



‘scratchstock #9’

12 bar club, Denmark Street, London WC2H 8NL


                       mon 19th april





WOMBLOUT - stripped down quantum maths jazz-rock from the legendary NOUGHT's guitarist and drummer


WASTE OF TIME LORDS - poet GERRY MITCHELL + band salute sodomised matadors and the idiot box in the corner.


Interval with SPINMASTER PLANTPOT - (spinmaster's got another gig nearby but will hopefully be getting phil collins to fly him between venues)


ROSHI - hypnotic piano led ballads from gifted iranian/welsh songstress


BROMIDE - label boss singing songs about magpies, crows, spanish solo cathedral builder don justo, dead people, people more alive, romantic stuff and bad wine.


late set from EUPHONIUS GADFLY - intricate acousticness accompanied by some equally intricate make-up


+ dj matt chilton (spork, vultures)

+ compere pierrette socobaz (pull the other one)tbc



admission £6 or email / text 07724 543 714 for £4 list


doors 7:30pm – late bar - venue tel: 020 7240 2120