scratchstock II
              ‘the focus group’
the next scratchy records showcase will be downstairs at the betsey trotwood
56 farringdon road EC1R on tuesday 15th july 
10:15pm the socks  who are this mysterious bunch, playing stripped down
acoustic versions of their rowdy rock classics ?
9:30pm katy carr  no mystery here, this is clear as twinkly reflected early
evening pond light magic. somewhere in bayswater pj harvey and kate bush have
rented a small basement flat where they keep katy tied up writing songs for
them (apart from tuesdays obviously when she’s allowed out for a couple of
hours in the evening)
C O M I C  I N T E R L U D E - jason marvin  fresh out of bible school jason
warms up for the edinburgh festival with some of the worst jokes known to man
or beast. in a fez 
8:35pm spinmaster plantpot  the inimitable star of scratchstock I returns with
more shouty guff and robert plant hairdresser tributes. legendary
8:00pm bromide  the beardmaster possibly performing songs from new mini-opera
‘the trouble with bromide’
+ dj’s 
doors open 7:30pm  admission £5 / £4 with email print out