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rage against the machine !!!!!!!!



thanks to those that braved the rain and came down to the new cross inn.. another bromide gig this saturday 28th november at the ‘park road pilot’ night, dalston boys club N16 8JG. loads of acts performing - more details here


prp 28-11



in other news we’re sad to announce the passing of our distribution chief ‘otto’. like many cats otto enjoyed a deep affinity with all things cardboard.. if anyone out there knows any cats up to the task of meeting this demanding, noisy role please email  scratchyrecords@yahoo.com


been a busy couple of weeks for releases.. katy carr’s new 1940s inspired album ‘coquette’ (deluce recordings) is going down well with the reviewers.. 4 out of 5 in Q, mojo, daily express.. see the myspace for dates over the next couple of weeks. not content with just releasing an album she’s also made a moving documentary about kazimierz piechowski, former auschwitz escapee and inspirer of her song ‘the kommander’s car’- screenings at the imperial war museum early december.

+ what do mark ronson, everett true, and the gossip all have in common ? correct, they’re all fans of surrealist artpop ladies wet dog whose new record ‘frauhaus’ is out 30th november on angular.


looking ahead, the next scratchstock night will be 15th february 2010 at the 12 bar club – among the performers will be matthew neel and friends whose debut album ‘new maps of hell’ is released on scratchy the same day.




bromide will be playing at nigel of bermondsey’s ‘london dreamtime’ gig this thursday 12th november at the new cross inn SE14. 9pm – 2am. just £2 admission


new cross inn 12-11-09





full english breakfast in s club 7 plagiarism shock !






nut-tastic full english video is here..






scratchstock 7 next monday ! just £5 with flyer. more info here


scratchstock 7





the rocks legendary ‘lost’ 2nd album ‘letters from the frontline’ gets a belated UK release today ! more info here


+ listen to tracks




scratchstock 6 ahoy !


next monday 16th march - print the flyer and get in for £5.. more info here

scratchstock 6




scratchstock 5..  12 bar club..   next monday !






and the winner is... america !!




alert.. alert.. spork and bromide on national radio !! last night scratchy records was featured on

radio one’s ‘DIY label of the week’..


click here to listen




scratchstock IV next monday !!                                                                                        






spork alert !



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spork   audio/visual installation   the vault @ the foundry 84-86

gt eastern st  EC2A 3JL   tuesday 23rd september - saturday 27th september


live performance thursday 25th september 9pm free


debut album ‘many of them seriously’ out now on scratchy records


"an album of imagination, brilliant invention and noise landscapes designed to intrigue and titillate..

will be whispered as a favourite influence for years to come" subba-cultcha.com


"big brawny electronica laid over fuzzed-out trip hop beats.. ideal for drifting off in the early hours"

plan b


"dense astral guitars.. a killer groovy bass.. large cracks and thuds that spray up vapour into the air.. set aside some time, some attention, and get stuck in" thelineofbestfit.com









gig alert ! the return of scratchstock..


scratchstock3 version2





that’s 4 years 3 months 2 weeks and 2 days since the last update.. er, where was i ?


couple of new release dates confirmed - ‘many of them seriously’ the debut from experimental spacerockers spork will be out 4th august followed on 11th august by label boss bromide’s new one entitled ‘the trouble with... bromide’ or ‘where do i start’ say those who know him.


in gig news (gnus ?) spork have been confirmed to play the big chill on sunday august 3rd – they’ll be performing a live soundtrack to the russian film ‘a sister’s kiss’ in the media mix tent on sunday night.


the rocks meanwhile are campaigning overseas and release their new album ‘letters from the frontline’ in germany today! on the weekender label. first single ‘heartbreak city’ is already out and new one ‘the game is up’ will follow 6th june. they’ll be playing at the frequency festival salzburg on saturday 16th august and then touring over there end of sept / oct. full list of dates to follow..


lastly, troubadour songster matthew neel is in the studio finishing off his debut album due for release november / december.




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