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joey herzfeld and his so-called friends - are watching you FRONT COVER 300dpi 1500 x 1500 smallerout today on scratchy ! joey herzfeld and his so-called friends debut album ‘...are watching you’ on vinyl and download.


joey and friends have assembled a clattering circus of accordion, banjo, organ, singing saw, clarinet, fiddle and scrap metal to deliver twisted tales of stalkers, heartbreak, and hangings interspersed with spooky intrumentals. be afraid !!


‘Dank, seedy and outright psychotic music.. a great album’

Whisperin and Hollerin


read the full review here



launch gig for the album is next friday 11th december at scratchstock #17, ryan’s bar 181, stoke newington church st N16 0UL when joey will be joined by sharp-suited sweetly-harmonising murder balladeers the henry brothers, husker du and neil young channeling 3-piece bromide and acoustic duo pat rowles and rob ball mixing heartfelt songs from the middle age with some nifty guitar melodising (is that a word ?). kick off 7:30pm, £5 admish..


scratchstock #17 480kb


facebook event page here


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thanks to everyone who came down to rye wax records and both the other bands - partisan waves and the comet line. was ace ! gonna be back there for a scratchstock in jan. plenty ahead of that in the meantime.. first up this coming saturday 28th nov is the pretty much institutionalised now on the xmas agenda INDEPENDENT LABEL MARKET at spitalfields. not sure if vinyl copies of joey herzfeld’s new album will have arrived by then but plenty of other scratchy stuff on display including some new scratchy mugs. oh yes. if you’ve never been to this event but like listening to music and drinking beer then i can recommend it 1000%. we’re sharing a stall with tin angel records - not sure of stand no. yet.. + more info about the event here


ILM_xmas2015 305kb



clapton unplugged 29-11-15then on sunday 29th nov i’ll be solo-bromiding at lion records in clapton who are stocking copies of our ‘i remember’ cassette single amongst the tasty looking cakes and rock memorabilia. address is 118 Lower Clapton Rd, London E5 0QR. music starts at 4pm , i’m on at 6. link to the event here + free admish


lastly you can pre-order your copy of the new joey herzfeld and his so-called friends album ‘are watching you’ on itunes here and bag yourself a free track while you’re at it. nice ! more info about that album and launch gig 11th dec at ryan’s bar, stoke newington shortly..









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bromide continue their run of gigs in record shops next tues 3rd nov at the fabulous sonic bunker that is rye wax records in peckham. located deep in the heart of the bussey building in specially re-inforced concrete to contain the monumental grooves emanating therein.. we’ll be joined by 2 other 3-piece combos - partisan waves and the comet line. so come down, with two other people if possible, to fit in with the evening’s thematic delight. it’s free ! (no slurring intended)


RYE WAX 3-11-15 311kb [4]



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SCRATCHY RECORDS NEW WEBSHOP IS GO !!!! thanks to cargo distribution we have a brand new webshop where you can actually buy stuff. online. cheaper than anywhere else. (i think)


have a look


+ next friday 16th october bromide are back at vinyl records in deptford - trying out a few new songs and sharing the bill with the fire records’ very own william burroughs / sleaford mods hybrid gerry mitchell and friends debbie leggo. free admish, early doors 7pm

vinyl records 16-10-15

thanks also to rye wax records in peckham for stocking the bromide cassette single. get yr latest bromide updates on twitter here


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out today ! new bromide cassette single ‘i remember’

P1050013 2

available from these fine rekkid shops:

rough trade east, brick lane

flashback stores - bethnal green rd,  shoreditch / essex rd, islington / crouch hill, crouch end

vinyl records, tanners hill, deptford

lion coffee & records, clapton rd, hackney

and in case anyone's holidaying down on the south coast..

music's not dead, bexhill-on-sea


or if u want to buy it from the comfort of yr armchair.. cargo mailorder


also on good ol’ fashioned itunes


+ some nice reviews popping up including this one..


“‘I Remember’ is the title track from the London-based, three-piece’s latest album. It is a song that crackles and fizzes with pure melodic energy. Dripping with late-60s lyrical imagery and a gloriously matching guitar sound, ‘I Remember’ recalls a different time; a time of innocence and simple pleasures”. god is in the tv


also thanks to dave beech at louder that war for this interview


vid up on artrocker – thanks again to film-maker phil hayes


scratchstock tonight !


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next scratchstock coming up soon - sat 15th august. numero #16. doing it upstairs at the miller again in london bridge. this time we’ve got a saturday night as all the comedy lot who’re usually there are up in edinburgh.. cool ! on the bill are 3 first-timers to scratchstock – glass host, eddy wright and partisan waves as well as ed, hugo and me celebrating the release of new bromide single and album title track ‘i remember’ on friday aug 14th. more info about that in due course.. in the meantime here's scratchstock deets:


scratchstock 16 [6]


click here for biogs


and before that.. bromide will be supporting the beatpunktastic gerry mitchell and debbie leggo at vinyl records in deptford on sunday 9th august. onstage 8pm ? free admission. address is 4, tanners hill SE8 4PJ


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it’s july apparently.. crikey. busy few days coming up. first off there’s the summer edition of the INDEPENDENT LABEL MARKET at spitalfields tomorrow, SATURDAY 11TH JULY. this is a climatic first as previously i’ve only sampled the delights of slightly inebriated music fans willing to listen to new music during the winter months – or more recently in spring. hopefully the sun will add a further layer of satisfaction to this amazing event. running a record label before ILM was a strange isolated place.. getting together under one roof with thousands of other people similarly afflicted has been a revelation. like a huge AA session for music addicts. here’s where i’ll be


ILM SUMMER 2015 map marked



P1050013 2on the scratchy stall you’ll find the forthcoming bromide cassette single for album title track ‘i remember’ + the usual haggle-friendly deals on the back catalogue from spork, full english breakfast, the rocks, matthew neel and jonny cola & the a-grades. you can also have a listen to the new joey herzfeld and his so-called friends album ‘..are watching you’ which will be out on scratchy in october or november depending on whether the vinyl manufacturers have recovered from the recent onslaught of orders. lastly, word from deepest kent.. full english breakfast’s third offering is finished ! no release date yet but i’ll have alvin’s curtain-bending version of ‘once in a lifetime’ on the scratchy stereo tomorrow. it’s a classic !




on tuesday 14th july bromide will be performing with the aid of electrickery at the windmill 22, blenheim gardens, brixton sw2 5bz. on stage 9:30pm free !!


right. better get off to the paid job..


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local gig alert ! bromide will be playing at the lovely vinyl record shop in deptford this friday 12th june 7:30pm. shop is on tanners hill opposite the wellbeloved butchers and it’s free ! the gig not the meat




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and another..



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nice live review for bromide gig in oxford end of march – courtesy of ‘nighshift’


the wheatsheaf 28-3-14 - nightshift, oxford highlit


+ we're back at the fab paper dress clothes shop / venue next thurs 14th may. last time was a hoot + we met the awesome 'hamptons'. this time we're playing with fake laugh, yoofs and emily c smith. £3 to get in. doors 7:45pm, we're on second so 8:30pm should do it. here's a link to the facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/events/346953978843780/


paper dress 14-5-15


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going to bristol for the bank holiday ? need some music ? come down to st. nicholas market, the exchange, corn st. BS1 1SJ for independent label market: bristol on sunday 3rd may 10am - 6pm


bristol poster 


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scratchy salutes independent label market !




great to interface with the punters at spitalfields couple of weeks back. doing it all again down in bristol on sunday may 3rd. deets to follow..


before that me and the cardboard cat will be manning / catting a stall for record store day tomorrow sat 18th april  in cafe 1001, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL - opposite rough trade east - courtesy of miserable man. market is open from 11-6pm


+ date for the diary, bromide return to the paper dress shop window thurs 14th may


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ok busy day tomorrow sat 28th march..


doing another scratchy stall at independent label market at spitalfields. as usual will have the haggleometer with me for anyone keen to pick up 3 cds from the back cat for a tenner. bargain !!




then phil collins has kindly offered to fly me, ed and hugo down to oxford in his private concorde for bromide gig at the wheatsheaf, 129, high st. OX1 4DF. we’re on 9:30pm, £4.50 to get in


bromide wheatsheaf 28-3lined


sunday: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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bromide gig tomorrow in south london..


we’re doing a reigned in band gig weds 25th march at andy hank dog’s easycome open mic thing at the white horse 20-22 Peckham Rye, London SE15 4JR. on about 9:30pm. also playing nigel of bermondsey and his ‘gentle folk’ ensemble. always a good night with a variety of talent + you never know who might be making their first few steps towards stardom and notoriety..


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bromide download single ‘wheels’ out today ! bromide - WHEELS 82kb


this is the story of me in my younger days overtaking a vw camper van with a ‘for sale ‘ sign in the back driven by kim basinger, well not the kim basinger but you know.. it didn't work out but i did get the song


virtual b-side is 'saddest thing (that didn't matter in the world)' also from new album - tune penned by drummer ed. NB sorry there's no extra track or anything.. will make sure there is for next one.


we've done a vid for it as well - u can watch here

- shot by nick j s thompson, thanks nick ! he's a handy 'tographer and u can sample more of his vizziness here - http://www.nickjsthompson.com/


u can download the single at itunes or listen on soundcloud


next gig is sat 28th march at the wheatsheaf in oxford – more deets to follow. in the meantime, i’m doing a solo slot 10pm at the windmill, Brixton - 22 blenheim gardens, london SW2 5BZ on sunday 8th march

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extraordinary news just in.. bromide are on twitter !!!  https://twitter.com/bromide_band


to celebrate our arrival in the new digital age and the release of download single ‘wheels’ on march 2nd we’re playing at the windmill, brixton next tues 24th feb courtesy of monsieur andy hank dog, so he’ll be playing plus a band called ‘the sweat’ and probably others as well. we’re on 9ish. £5 to get in max, maybe less


address is 22 blenheim gardens, london SW2 5BZ


few reviews starting to appear for album:


http://www.theinternetatemysoul.co.uk/scratchyreleases_files/image002.jpg"‘I Remember’ is a brisk, snappy affair, which combines super-melodicism with athletic, abrasive guitars. Berridge’s confessional lyrics pull off the double feat of being both refreshingly down-to-earth and also angular at the same time" pennyblackmusic.co.uk


"Combining bittersweet elements and steeped in the aesthetic of late 80s and early 90s US scene, Bromide have created a quintessential alt-rock / indie album with no shortage of tunes or energy" whisperinandhollerin.co.uk


"A three-piece hailing from London, Bromide mix the best bits of The Lemonheads and Dinosaur Jr on opening track 'Wheels' from new album 'I Remember' replete with melancholic melodies and J Mascis-ish guitar lines" Vive Le Rock


+ in depth interview up on penny black website for all the sordid background to the new rekkid



‘rekkid’. that’s a plantpot word. anyone seen him on tv / keith lemon’s show ? makes quite a convincing kardashian 


on that note..


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this is the bromide band album that me and ed were going to make back in 1998 but er, we didn't.. for one reason or another. thankfully we got ourselves re-aligned a couple of years ago and found the missing link - bass player hugo.


big thanks to producer brian o'shaughnessy who licked us into shape in just under a week, jerome at airlab for mastering and darren and joe at cargo distribution.


reckon cheapest place to get it is direct from cargo – click here. also available for download from itunes.


you can have a listen to it on the amsterdam radio station VPRO website as ex-bromide soldier mystic menno put it up on their listening post. thanks mystic !


thanks also to andy hank dog for getting us last minute slot at the windmill last night. was great fun despite there just being a handful of us. then got up early this morning to hand a copy to shaun keaveny. can’t wait for weds..







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scratchstock #15 coming your way.. weds 28th jan back at the rhythm factory for the bromide album launch, co-hosting again with the inimitable vis the spoon..


scratchstock #15 - rhythm factory 28-1-15 561kb cr2




bromide - giving new album 'i remember' a ceremonial launch boot. out mon 26th.


hamptons - summoners of the groovetastic good vibe return.. david lee roth fronting flaming lips anyone ?


spinmaster plantpot - spinmaster made his performing debut at a scratchstock back in 2003. now he's on tv innit - check out keith lemon's new series this feb. in the meantime


joey herzfeld & his so-called friends - the music from liza minelli's 'cabaret'..'90s gypsy mtv stars 'les negresses vertes'.. a banjo. u get the picture plus some great lyrics from mainman joey.


haydn & the normals - spoon found this lot so my knowledge is limited. the only track i heard made me think of sleaford mods reworking MGMT's classic 'time to pretend'. cool ! their live shows are chaotic apparently which is how we like them so make sure you get there early as they're on 8pm sharp..


and it's free to get in !


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did a solo bromide session for paul at joyzine on their croydon radio show yesterday. here’s a link -




starts about 37 mins in



one last gig at the wonderful 12 bar club in denmark st tomorrow 11th jan. onstage 1pm.


thank you andy and the 12 bar club for twenty great years..


simon bromide



last 12bar gig flyer



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tonight ! bromide live at horse & stables, 124, westminster bridge rd SE1 7RW - scroll down for flyer - we’re on stage about 10pm.. doing a few of the more restrained songs from the back cat as it’s a sitting down doo dah


+ those nice people at joyzine had us on their advent calendar couple of days ago - www.joyzine.org 

click on 14 for a sneak preview of a track from the new album


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great day at independent label market on nov 29th.. it was rammed ! thanks to everyone who stopped by the scratchy stall and let me harang them with produce.. thanks also to gordon and leslie from positive noise who shared the stall and put up with the cardboard cat ! check out their t-shirts here. like last year it was the spork album and full english breakfast’s first one that sold best – plus early bromide 7 inch ‘fool in my brain’. there’ll be a scratchy shop attached to this website soon so you won’t have to wait till next year to pick up some bargains direct from the er, grower.


ilm 2014


lots of preparation going on for new bromide album ‘i remember’ out in jan. made a video the other day for single ‘wheels’ which will be out feb 23rd . launch gig details to follow.. in the meantime we’ve got a xmas gig coming up at the horse & stables courtesy of mr mike boysterous on tues december 16th - see flyer below. this is a sit down gig so we’re going to do a few of the more reigned-in bromide toons. looking forward to it. address is 124 westminster bridge rd, london se1 7rw, nearest tube lambeth north and only £5 to get in.. get in !




elsewhere full english breakfast is still tweaking new album no. 3 which may or may not be called ‘marginalia’. either way it’s hot ! probably closer to the first album but with a few nods to the electronic musings of follow up ‘candy in weightlessness’. out in the spring ?


+ check out latest ‘dastardly’ reviews over on the penny black website..


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an extra hour ! great, better update the website..


bromide new album news.. the brian o’shaughnessy (primal scream, MBV) produced ‘i remember’ will be out mon 12th january on scratchy. there’ll be a single / video out ahead of that. not sure which track yet though..


plus scratchstock #14 is coming up weds 12th november. this time at the rhythm factory, 16-18 whitechapel rd E1 1EW in the capable hands of the inimitable vis the spoon who will be compereing.


playing live are hamptons coming on like the beach boys on a night out with david lee roth, bromide - me, ed & hugo will be playing songs from the new album, sexykid guaranteed to appeal to fans of either and especially both primus and beavis & butthead and in the richie havens slot kicking this 'stock off is robert bluesman who will no doubt claim he hasn't done any deals with any shadowy figures at any carriageway intersections at night. sadly this denial is not backed up by his playing. make sure you get there early for him - 8pm


oh yes and it's FREE


fizzogbook page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/766136273425312/


scratchstock 12th nov



other gigs out about.. nigel of bermondsey’s new cunning folk night is on saturday november 8th on a boat in deptford + the next top of the horse night at the horse and stables SE1 7RW is this coming tuesday 28th oct.


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jonny and his colas went out in style last saturday at the buffalo bar ending with two scratchy favourites ‘postcode wars’ and ripples’. bon voyage..


next bromide gig is in a clothes shop ! friday 19th sept we’ll be joining the fireworks and hamptons as they wheel away the clothes and set up a stage in the shop window at paper dress 114-116 curtain road, shoreditch EC2A 3AH. we’re on first 8:30pm and it’s FREE


bromide - paper dress 19-9-14


before that james rocks’ charges desperate journalist will be shedding icy shards of twelvestring electrickery all over madame jojo’s at white heat on september 9th – more info here


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bromide prised from studio to play gig.. “leave that intro alone” screams drummer ed.


next weds rhythm factory 8pm


bromide - rhythm factory 23-7-14


elsewhere gronk, he of low rent tractors keyboard repute is water ratsing this thurs 17th. more info here


also sad to hear jonny is hanging up his colas for a bit of a break.. congrats to Mauro tho for landing a job in south london’s the godfathers. must be that pacino look..


last cola gig is sat 30th aug some weird sin club nite at the buffalo bar.


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RIP dastardly 2002-14

scratchy records head of A&R


crazy daz



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next bromide gig is weds 26th march back at the rhythm factory courtesy of the venerable spoon and his ‘let them eat gak’ night then it might be a break for a bit as we do some recording..


address is 16-18 whitechapel rd E1 1EW. nearest tubes aldgate east and whitechapel. we’re on first 8pm and it‘s FREE !


bromide RHYTHM FAC 26-3-142



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bromide live this friday 17th january.. underbelly, 11 hoxton sq N1 6NU. early one - onstage 7:45pm. £6 with the flyer


bromide - underbelly - friday 17th jan


also this week jonny cola & the a-grades kick-off new year with a gig on saturday 18th January at the stags head, 55 orsman rd NI 5RA. more info on their facebook


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